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The Movie “ME – Mother Earth – ME” Parts 1 – 4

Part 1 is called “To Be or Not to Be” and follows the Analemma of the Sun and the ancient term Anahata meaning Source of Heart. Also the power of words and colors are explored.

Part 2 is called “Alpha to Omega” following the birth, life and rebirths of Earth in a Poetic picturesque journey through the Atlanteans, the thought era and today’s conclusions.

Part 3 What is Death – Your Timeline Bloodline follows your bloodline back to the beginning to now and to your descendants, what is death, when is death, how is death. What does it all mean. Who are you.

Part 4 “Matchups” We discovered how the friction world we live in is a series of matchups or super designed frequencies or vibrations, sounds, colors, ets that make up the world and our interpretations. Crack the code to self repair and self realization in this episode!

Your purchase also comes with a password to all of our locked websites, articles, podcasts, videos and ebooks published to date – 9 videos with ebooks, ongoing podcasts, 300 articles, and download access to our file server for resources, ie, images, lost videos, pdf, zip files, image categories, etc.

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Learn the correct models of Earth – Humans – Creator and Self to find answers, peace and fearlessness. Get started today!


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